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  1. Posted by femme_fae, — Reply

    Alright lemme learn you a thing, Senpai is something you would call an upperclassmen, because this is your teacher you would call them Sensei, uncultured swine.

  2. Posted by vulpiiii, — Reply

    Tbh...... the transfer was probably more amused by the fact that of all the things to hear in their native language is notice me senpai... which sounds weird in both languages

  3. Posted by Hufflepuff_Horcrux, — Reply

    Me and my friends were discussing how we’d want to die and then got onto the subject of murder. We were saying how we would murder someone and our Japanese teacher came over and just stood there looking frightened saying ‘no kill no kill’

  4. Posted by jr87saved, — Reply

    Woah kids, simmer down. I'm sure all of you have been "culturally insensitive" or wtf ever kids are calling it these days. Buncha brats

  5. Posted by MoiLoveShounenAi, — Reply

    This one time in 4th grade, I was submitting my homework to the classprez so he can submit it to the teacher in one go. I was right beside him for 10 minutes but didn't collect my notebook so I glomped on him from behind and said "senpaiiii, yamete" of which I once thought means "please"... He finally got my notebook afterwards

  6. Posted by blamemymom, — Reply

    Why are all the comments explaining that they should've used Sensei and not Senpai😭😭 It's not the point of the post kghxkgkhx Plus Senpai kinda turned into the meme version of "daddy" bc of anime so that's why ppl say notice me senpai

  7. Posted by dangergirlsbeck, — Reply

    Fyi for those who dont know, yes, Senpai would normally be Sensei in this instance, but Senpai means Senior, I think, so it's still technically correct

  8. Posted by maijkewilson, — Reply

    Is it just me or does it annoy some people when people just use nani in everyday sentences? Like I get it’s a joke and all that but it just really gets me annoyed??

  9. Posted by carsmanss, — Reply

    Me and my friends do this to eachother and once my Japanese teacher walked last and heard looked at us weirdly and walked off

  10. Posted by ArtOfThe2000s, — Reply

    Japanese exchange student: (In Japanese) hmmm what English frase should I learn first? A kid across the street: (In Japanese) NOTICE ME SEMPAI Japanese exchange student: (In Japanese) lol, I’ll learn that

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